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        <sectionGroup name="TnT">
            <section name="BasecampVB" type="TnT.BasecampVB.Configuration.BasecampVBSection, TnT.BasecampVB"/>
        <BasecampVB basecampUrl="" username="USERNAME" password="PASSWORD" enableCaching="True" cacheDuration="600" />


Below I have included sample code for just a few of the classes to demonstrate usage. Comment, Milestone, Post, Project, TimeEntry, ToDoItem and ToDoList all also follow the basic pattern illustrated below.

Namespace Reference

Imports TnT.BasecampVB.BLL


' TnT.BasecampVB.Account
Dim acc As Account = Account.GetAccount() 


Dim p as Person = Person.GetMe()

Dim p as Person = Person.GetPerson(123456) ' return person with id 123456

Dim people as List(Of Person) = Person.GetPeople()

' returns a list of people associated with project 123456
Dim project_people as List(Of Person) = Person.GetPeopleByProject(123456) 

' returns a list of people associated with company 123456
Dim company_people as List(Of Person) = Person.GetPeopleByCompany(123456) 


' returns the company with id 123456
Dim c as Company = Company.GetCompany(123456) 

Dim companies As List(Of Company) = Company.GetCompanies()

' returns a list of companies associated with project 123456
Dim project_companies As List(Of Company) = Company.GetCompaniesByProject(123456) 


' TnT.BasecampVB.Category

Dim cat As Category = Category.GetCategory(123456) ' returns category with id 123456

' returns a list of post categories for project_id 123456
Dim categories as List(Of Category) = Category.GetCategories(123456,  

' creates a "Client side scripts" message category in project 123456
Dim category_id as Integer = Category.CreateCategory(123456,, "Client side scripts") 

' updates category with id to "Scripts"
Dim success As Boolean = Category.UpdateCategory(123456, "Scripts") 
' or to do the same thing
Dim cat as Category = Category.GetCategory(123456) = "Scripts"

Dim success As Boolean = Category.DeleteCategory(123456)
' or

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